Welcome to my Portfolio!

This website is the first website that I created all by myself. It's an experiment and this form might not be final. If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me

About me

Hello there! I'm Jean-Fran├žois Maes and I was born on april 14 1994. I live in Oudenaarde Belgium! And that person in the picture is me!
I'm a student at the "Hogeschool Gent" which is, in Ghent! A "Hogeschool" is like a University but only for bachelor degrees. I study applied computer sciences and my major is Sysadmin.
Technology has always been my passion, when I was little and my parents gave me my first GameBoy (you know the black and white one, with the classic Tetris game), One of my first questions was wow! how does this work? My parents couldn't really tell me how it worked, and when they couldn't my technological adventure began... At school we learned to work with different technologies, some of which you'll find here in my Portfolio section. These aren't all of them though.
I major in Sysadmin, but honestly, I'm interested in everything related to IT. I know the basics of java programming, and I know how to create this website. But I also know how to work with Docker and how to setup a windows server and configure Cisco Routers and Switches. So I got a little mix of both. A jack of all trades if you will. Of course I still have lots to learn, and I'll always aim to improve myself!
Appart from IT as a field of study I also like to play video games and watch a lot of cool movies and shows I also like to sing and act, and I go to the gym fairly regularly at GetFit Nazareth

There now you know a little bit more about me, I hope I didn't bore you out to much!


Click on the pictures to see things I created with that technology! Most of these exercises are in Dutch for now.
Warning: clicking on the pictures will open a new tab. this tab will be in dutch.

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